Archive 2019

Program 2019
Day 1
04 Aug 2019

Welcome & Intros.

Rabbi Alon Goshen-Gottstein
Peta Jones Pellach

Text Study

The Tulasidasa on Friendship. Introduction to chevruta method.
Peta Jones Pellach


Characteristics of friendship
Rabbi Alon Goshen-Gottstein


Friendship in Hinduism
Professor Neelima Shukla-Bhatt
Day 2
05 Aug 2019

Excursion : Visit to monument for tolerance

Visit to Indian Cemetery in Talpiot.
Peta Jones Pellach

Excursion (cont)

Return to Mt Zion, stopping at war cemetery and grave of Oscar Schindler
Peta Jones Pellach

Case study 1: Bibliodrama

Guru Nanak and Mardana.
Peta Jones Pellach
Day 3
06 Aug 2019

Text study (chevruta):

Friendship in Islam
Peta Jones Pellach

Case study 2: Bibliodrama:

Emir Abdelkader – a Muslim exemplar of friendship
Peta Jones Pellach
Day 4
07 Aug 2019

Site visit – Ecce Homo

The mission of the Sisters of Sion
Day 5
08 Aug 2019

Case study 2: Bibliodrama

Abraham Joshua Heschel and Martin Luther King
Peta Jones Pellach

Text-study and interview

Friendship in Buddhism
Dr Maria Reis Habito

Interfaith activists and peace-makers in Jerusalem

Yehuda Stolov and Souli Khatib; Debbie Weissman and Fr David Neuhaus – testimonials on friendships
Day 6
09 Aug 2019


Sources from five traditions: “God as Friend”
Peta Jones Pellach

Discussion: Summary of Week 1

the qualities of friendship; spiritual versus “common” friendship
Rabbi Alon Goshen-Gottstein

Lecture and text-study:

Introduction to Shabbat
Rabbi Alon Goshen-Gottstein
Day 7
11 Aug 2019

Prayers at Dormition

prayers in syngagogues

Excursion all day

Meet at Har Herzl station: Yad Vashem
Peta Jones Pellach
Day 8
12 Aug 2019

Lecture/ discussion:

Summary of week 1 and introduction to week 2 – how do we extend the principles of friendship to interreligious?
Rabbi Alon Goshen-Gottstein

Testimonial I

Friendship in action (Rabbi David Rosen and Fr Hosam Naoum)

Lecture and discussion:

What does Yad Vashem teach? Can Friendship be a means to overcome hatred?

Panel of Christian leaders

the friendships between us

Towards a Declaration of Friendship:

Why we need interreligious friendship
Day 9
13 Aug 2019

Case study 3 – Lecture and Bibliodrama

The Friendship between Ghandi and Andrews
Dr Anantanand Rambachan
Peta Jones Pellach

Text study and Discussion:

Obstacles to interreligious friendship

At Har Hatzofim – Testimonial II

Friendship in action
Shrivatsa Goswami
Suheyl Umar

Towards a Declaration of Friendship:

Virtues associated with Friendship.
Day 10
14 Aug 2019

Testimonial III

Friendship in Action Sr Maureen Goodman and Br Josef Goetz

Towards a Declaration of Friendship

Working through the document

Meeting with Rabbi of Kotel

“the Kotel as a prayer site for all”

Testimonial IV

Friendship in action
swami atmapriyananda
Swami Atmapriyananda
Rabbi Alon Goshen-Gottstein

Towards a Declaration of Friendship:

continue working through the document.
Day 11
15 Aug 2019

Towards a Declaration of Friendship:

summary, responses and evaluation. Brainstorming: Strategies/ activities towards friendship.