Art of Prayer workshop

Baruch Brener
Dana Ganihar
01 Aug 2022
16:00 – 18:00

Art of Prayer workshop


Shakio Institute

For us, prayer is a unique opportunity to unfold the depths of our lives;  to listen to the ‘much more still’; and to be open to how life invites us to co-create as part of a larger system. Prayer is not an action that takes place outside of existence – it is the action that co-creates existence. 

Baruch Brenner and Dana Ganihar, founders, Shakio Institute

In this workshop we will practice gradual steps that delicately unfold the field of prayer; and allow us to freshly rediscover our own meaning in praying.

The Art of Prayer is a regenerative learning approach exploring a core component of our shared human existence – our natural capacity for prayer. It is a framework of practices, in which people from all walks of life and traditions, religious and secular, prayers and non-prayers – are invited to reconnect and rediscover gateways into the field of prayer.

Together we reformulate and refresh pathways into the intimate experience of being in the world; of being in the field of prayer; of becoming creatures endowed with curiosity, kindness and a sensitivity to the yet unknown. It is about transforming our understanding of the act of prayer from a mere practice into a living model for existence.

Art of Prayer Workshop topics and practices: Prayers Gates, pathways into the field of prayer, working with a poetic text, discerning between types of prayers and texts, identifying contemplative states and states of consciousness present during the process of praying.