Returning to sacred places – pilgrimage

Returning to sacred places – pilgrimage

Live at Shir Hadash, Rechov Yakov Rubin 1 (off Graetz) and on Zoom.

Pilgrimage as “Return”.

Moderator: Professor Jackie Feldman

Each teacher will share her or his experience of pilgrimage to a holy site as “return” and the spiritual and psychological impact of being a “pilgrim.” We will share the unique meaning of each place and each journey.

16:10 – Shrivatsa Goswami (Hindu – India)

16:50 – Bishop Sorrentino (Catholic- Assisi)

17:30 – Marcia Hermansen (Muslim – Mecca)

18:10 – Professor Jackie Feldman (Jewish – Jerusalem)

18:50 – Professor Jackie Feldman – concluding remarks